Are there sizes on the hats?

Each hat has a clasp on the back (pvc, velcro or buckle) with which you can adjust it accordingly. Most adult hats cover a range of 53 to 59 cm. There is a hat code, named CARGO which also covers larger sizes, up to 63 cm. To see it click here.

Are the hats washable?

Of course! The hat is always washed by hand to maintain its good shape. Immerse in a basin of lukewarm or cold water, add detergent and let it soak for 5 minutes. With a soft brush or toothbrush, rub lightly on the soiled areas. After completing the washing process, rinse it and hang it to dry in the shade.


  • We never wash the hat in the washing machine.
  • We do not use any bleach.
  • We never squeeze it, we let it dry naturally in the shade.

With each purchase you will receive a leaflet with washing instructions for your hats. In any case, we are always at your disposal for any clarification.

Is it possible for someone to customise the design featured on the hat?

Sure! Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to send us a message about the design you wish to be painted on the hat. We, in return, will send you the available hat codes (colors and shapes) so you can choose the one that suits you! After that we will then inform you about the details such as the cost, the process of registering your order, the payment methods and the collection methods.
You can also visit our physical store located at 19 Perikleous Street, in Syntagma and place your order from there!

Ιs the design likely to wear out from the weather or the sea?

The color we use to paint our hats is an extremely durable and flexible material that does not change with water or weather conditions. You can wear it everywhere and always as long as you take care of it properly.

Good practices for keeping the hat in good shape:

  • After the sea, rinse immediately with water because the salt tends to cause damage to the fabrics.
  • If you wear the hat during sports activities, it is good to rinse the sweat from the hat after it is over. Sweat tends to leave marks on the fabric especially if it stays in it for many hours.
  • During summer do not forget the hat in the car or in places where the sun can see it. Constant exposure of the hat to the sun can cause changes such as fading of the fabric color.